The Logi sauna is a wood-fired public sauna by the sea, built on the initiative of citizens. We are open from December 2023, welcome!


Fri 15-20 (mixed day)
Sat 15-20 (women’s day)
Sun 15-20 (mixed day)
Admission on a first-come, first-served basis.
We are closed on 21-23 June.


Ticket 8€
Ten-time card 65€, five-time card 35€
Discount ticket 6€ (ages 7-18, pensioners)
Preschoolers free
We accept cash and card payments.


Logi 13, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia. Location on map.


  1. Bring two towels (one for sitting on at the sauna), a water bottle and a bathrobe if you wish. Take a swimsuit/trunks if you go swimming but in the sauna we recommend you use a towel instead of swimwear.
  2. For cooling off there’s the seawater, we don’t have washing facilities at the sauna.
  3. For leil (throwing water on the stove to generate steam), use the hot water supplied by the caretaker, as sea water will damage the stove.
  4. Logi sauna is a mixed sauna (except on Saturdays that are for women only).
  5. Be careful on wet floors and when walking outdoors (we recommend you use flip-flops).
  6. Swimming at your own risk!
  7. Be considerate of others and keep quiet and calm in the sauna room.
  8. Keep your phone on silent and do not take photos indoors.
  9. If you feel unwell, leave the heat, sit down immediately and ask others for help if necessary.
  10. Please come in small groups, no more than three people.
  11. Smoking, consumption of strong alcoholic drinks and being drunk are not permitted on the sauna premises.
  12. Follow the sauna caretaker’s instructions. If you have any questions, please contact them.
  13. The maximum sauna time is 1,5 hours.

Enjoy your stay!


MTÜ Kuum ja külm,

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